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Curtiss Clark lives in western Connecticut with his wife, Kate, at the intersection of two country roads where many living things cross paths. He is a retired newspaper editor.

The End Of A Bluebird (And The Start of Everything Else)

I found a dead bluebird in a nest box by the barn. She lay intact, her head and neck crooked in the corner of the box where she died. Cool blue. A bit of sky enclosed in a pine box. … Continue reading

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The Alchemy Of April

The smell of spring. Digging in to the season in New England. Continue reading

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Clouds From Both Sides

The first time I saw the “Earthrise” photo, taken by the Apollo 8 flight engineer Bill Anders from moon orbit on Christmas Eve 1968, I remember thinking how like a snow globe the earth appeared. Our planet’s sphere was in … Continue reading

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Bears In The Periphery

New England’s woodlands stand naked now with all their fine summer attire strewn across the forest floor by an October fatigued by its own flamboyance hurrying off to bed. Darkness arrives early and lingers late to cloak the scene, the … Continue reading

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The Autumnal Equinox

We live upon a spinning top perched upon the twirling lariat of a great cowboy riding in circles. Yet none of us feels particularly dizzy. But how our heads do spin! In case you didn’t notice, the sun slipped into … Continue reading

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