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The End Of A Bluebird (And The Start of Everything Else)

I found a dead bluebird in a nest box by the barn. She lay intact, her head and neck crooked in the corner of the box where she died. Cool blue. A bit of sky enclosed in a pine box. … Continue reading

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Considering The Sessile Life

A corkscrew hazelnut sits outside the back door in its winter glory. All the other plants and shrubs are looking pretty chastened, deceased even, awaiting their Easter resurrections. But this jaggedy hazelnut cuts a fine figure against the snow, having … Continue reading

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Fall Begins, Again

As months grow old, the clean white squares of my desk calendar become defaced with angled jottings and their attendant underlines, circles, exclamation points, and sweeping arrows from one day to another, smeared here and there with a wash of … Continue reading

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The Puzzle of Our Proper Place

One of the fundamental puzzles each species must solve is how to live successfully in relation to a place. Whether plants or animals thrive or fail seems to have as much to do with where they are as who or … Continue reading

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Strange Days in the Umwelt

Our dog, Boon, a scent-hound mutt with the doleful aspect of an undertaker, has been about as upbeat and cheerful as he gets over the past couple of weeks. The earth has opened up its trove of organic smells, and … Continue reading

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