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The End Of A Bluebird (And The Start of Everything Else)

I found a dead bluebird in a nest box by the barn. She lay intact, her head and neck crooked in the corner of the box where she died. Cool blue. A bit of sky enclosed in a pine box. … Continue reading

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The Alchemy Of April

The smell of spring. Digging in to the season in New England. Continue reading

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Navigating The Thicket Of Survival, Quick Like A Bunny

Rabbits showed up at our place for the first time this summer from I don’t know where. Continue reading

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Climbing Trees: A Place In Between

You could make an educated guess that it is the end of May by watching my dog, Boon. He is a skilled napper, adept at finding the perfect spot for snoozing after a few moments of nose-in-the-air assessments of time … Continue reading

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Flights Of Adventure

Before I realized I could not fly, I would spend whole afternoons perched on the front porch rail, ready for adventure, with a towel tucked in the back of my collar, launching myself into the sky. The crashes were dramatic … Continue reading

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