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Navigating The Thicket Of Survival, Quick Like A Bunny

Rabbits showed up at our place for the first time this summer from I don’t know where. Continue reading

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Humming In The Honeysuckle

Summer thrums. Life is ascendant under the summer sun, endlessly cycling in little eddies cast up in the wake of successively larger cycles of seasons, planets, stars, and galaxies. Each cycle has its own frequency, its own back and forth, … Continue reading

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‘Being There’ By The Butterfly Bush

When the weekend chores and errands are done and there are  some unscheduled moments to fill before the dinner hour’s kitchen contra dance begins, Kate and I often end up on the back terrace in a state of recumbent sloth … Continue reading

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Red Tail: Running The Show

When we bought our place more than a decade ago, Kate and I had some set ideas about how we would inhabit the property. While it is relatively small – just an acre and a half – the parcel sits … Continue reading

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Climbing Trees: A Place In Between

You could make an educated guess that it is the end of May by watching my dog, Boon. He is a skilled napper, adept at finding the perfect spot for snoozing after a few moments of nose-in-the-air assessments of time … Continue reading

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