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Autumn: Surrender and a Sweetheart Deal

Autumn is the season of surrender. Yet on our tallest and most impressive standards, our hardwood trees, we do not run up white flags. They would be lost among the billions of leaf banners already signaling capitulation boldly in red, … Continue reading

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The Bumblebee: A Humming Garden Companion

This question always comes up when schoolchildren tour our newspaper office: Why do they call it The Newtown Bee? We point out the similarities between reporters and worker bees who tirelessly search for news or nectar that is useful to … Continue reading

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Happiness Is A Hickory Tree

Riffle, riffle, riffle… thud! It’s September. I can hear it now. Riffle riffle… thud! The sound of hickory nuts falling through the leafy realms stirs ecstasy in squirrels and the impulse to retreat in bald headed men like me. But … Continue reading

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