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The Nests Of Winter, An Exposé

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Midwinter is all about layers: layers of bedcovers, layers of clothing, layers of ice and snow. Everything gets covered, once, twice, three times… Why is it, then, with all this covering up we still feel so naked … Continue reading

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Opossums: Strangers in the Night

If ever a creature was made for total darkness, the opossum is it. It’s not much to look at. With its black beady eyes, pale pinched face, pointy snout, snaggle-toothed sneer, death-gray coat, and scaly pink tail, the opossum is … Continue reading

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A Hopeful New Year’s Message From A Woodpecker

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The turning of the year always stirs up a small vortex of hope in me. I don’t make resolutions, but I do try to come up with a few positive expectations to cast like rose petals before … Continue reading

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