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The Alchemy Of April

The smell of spring. Digging in to the season in New England. Continue reading

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Climbing Trees: A Place In Between

You could make an educated guess that it is the end of May by watching my dog, Boon. He is a skilled napper, adept at finding the perfect spot for snoozing after a few moments of nose-in-the-air assessments of time … Continue reading

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Minimalist March

In these remaining weeks before the trees leaf out and set the woodland stage with shadows and scrim, it is still possible to walk in the woods and soak up the sunshine. Connecticut’s hardwood forests have yet to drape their … Continue reading

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Reclaiming a Patch of New England Sky

I would love to watch a time-lapse film of the hill where we live from the day the first settler decided to farm its sunny southern slope to the present. I know our house was built in 1790, but what … Continue reading

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Peace, Quiet, and the Bliss of Ignorance

It is remarkable how much sound is associated with our notions of peace and quiet.  Whether we sit in the shade of  a palm tree on a deserted island, or on a sunny rock in the middle of a forest, … Continue reading

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