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Bears In The Periphery

New England’s woodlands stand naked now with all their fine summer attire strewn across the forest floor by an October fatigued by its own flamboyance hurrying off to bed. Darkness arrives early and lingers late to cloak the scene, the … Continue reading

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The Light of the World

‘Tis the season for the pious and pagans alike to celebrate the light of the world in metaphor and in fact. The December 21 winter solstice marks the day when the tilting axis of the earth offers the full underbelly … Continue reading

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A Midwinter Night’s Scene

Midwinter is when I am most removed from the natural world. Darkness form-fits the work day so snugly that what little I see of the landscape is viewed through office windows.  And of the weekend chores and errands that linger … Continue reading

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A Winter At Arms

A Cooper’s hawk has been visiting the tray feeder outside our kitchen window, not for the sunflower seeds, but for the juncos, tits, and sparrows who have risked exposure to come eat the seeds. The weather has been harsh. We … Continue reading

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Ever Green Through The Dark And Cold

The swell of darkness that delivers us to the winter solstice comes also to cover the woodlands, where hardwoods in a brash display of immodesty now stand with their deciduous apparel around their ankles. We can still see in the … Continue reading

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